Try on new glasses at home with VisionDirect

Try on new glasses at home with VisionDirect

Online purchasing has made it much easier in the modern world to get anything from the store of your own choice without being tired of wandering into the markets. And if you have lost or broke your glasses, online shopping can be the best option to have found the best match for your face cut. You can browse new and trendy designs, see what’s in fashion and buy them without any hassle. Why don’t you try on new glasses at home with VisionDirect?

If you have just now made up your mind to buy the glasses online by giving a try to VisionDirect, we are sure that you are going to love the experience. VisionDirect offers you a virtual try-on tool to show you the look of the glasses on your face using a webcam. Feeling excited? Let’s find out what Vision Direct has to offer.


  1. Make a selfie video of your face

The first step that you have to follow to get the best glasses for yourself, you have to take a 5-second selfie video from your face by turning your head left and right so that your face cut may become visible and the virtual tool may read it perfectly. By reading your face shape, this virtual tool process perfectly in editing and matching the perfect frames for your face.

  1. Choose your style and try on the glasses.

Vision Direct allows you to choose from a brand of your own choice from which you would want to get your frames. So, choose the brand first, and you’ll be led to all the options. By using the ‘virtual try-on’ you’ll get all the options of glasses. By navigating the product page you can easily try on new glasses at home with VisionDirect, by using its virtual tool.

How Does The Virtual Try OnTool Work?

Vision Direct has introduced this virtual tool to help you with the additional struggle of going out in to the stores and spending hours finding the perfect match for your face shape.

This virtual tool asks you to upload your selfie when you are at the Vision Direct store to buy glasses for yourself. It then examines your face cut virtually and prepares for you multiple options for the glasses that might seem perfect to your face cut.

By choosing from those multiple options you will be able to try on those samples virtually on the selfie that you have sent to it. After trying them, you can easily choose from the frame that looks perfect on your face. Place the order, let them get it ready for you and you will have the glasses ready within a few time.

 Is Face Shape Important When you are Buying Glasses?

Yes, the face shape is extremely important when you buy glasses for yourself. It is directly related to the type of frames that will suit you. It determines very precisely, that what frame type will look good on your face like round round-shaped faces look perfectly great with rectangular frames, and oval-shaped faces look great with rectangular frames.

 Our Final Words

VisionDirect takes care of your worries and helps you get through them by providing you with the best possible options of the glasses for various face cuts. So whatare you waiting for, visit Vision Direct, and try on new glasses at home.

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