Online Poker Distractions and Aides

Online poker players know the importance of concentration. However, many of them place themselves in a situation where they can be distracted during tournaments. These tips are not for casual poker players. They are for people who wish to make a living from poker. This is not the right place for you if you are looking for fun and a second income.


  1. TV. This is a fact. You can miss out on hands if you’re not paying attention to the poker game. These are important factors that can increase your online poker winnings.
  • Mobile Phone. There is a big difference between being unavailable and being distracted. You can still receive important calls even if your phone is on silent. This is perfectly normal. It is not a good idea to text people irrelevant or small talk. You can consider your time playing poker as a job. If you take it seriously, you’ll make money.
  • Other websites. Websites are full of distractions. The internet is filled with addictive websites that can distract us from our attention, such as Social Networks and video sites. You can change your ‘parental settings’ to allow you access to certain sites, just in case you are playing online poker.
  • Poker aides

    1. Music. You don’t need to have music playing while you play online poker. While some people may find it distracting, most poker players are able to learn as much about their opponents while listening to music.
  • Poker odds calculator. This calculator can be very helpful for new players to learn about the odds of winning different hands. The odds calculator will no longer be necessary once you have mastered the basics of online and offline poker.
  • Your winnings can be affected by distractions while playing poker. You can play poker casually and not worry about distractions. However, if you are serious about making money, it is important to make sure you don’t idn poker miss any TV or other media. These online poker tips are free and you can use no deposit bonuses at the top poker sites to build your bankroll.

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