How to become better with contact lenses in bets

How to become better with contact lenses in bets

Copag marked playing cards with glasses, bicycle extreme marked deck, 100% plastic Modiano Texas Holdem infrared contact lenses poker, Dal Negro Torcello cheating poker cards and Fournier barcode marked cards for poker analyzer.

As a poker player, having these products able to make your games more fun and smoother. And like a magician, you will be able to control your game and win over your solid competitors.

The top notch marked cards causes you feel more, calm during the game, you have 100% assurance to get them at online stores.

Invisible Ink Marked Cards

They use to be the poker cards with the invisible marks. There primarily are 3 sorts of invisible ink marked cards:

UV marked poker cards for UV glasses or UV contact lenses

This sort of marking playing cards additionally called contact lenses marked cards, which can be read by UV contact lenses or UV glasses.

Barcode marked deck of cards

Barcode marked cards use to be printed with bar code on the 4 edges of cards, which require working with poker scanner, poker analyzer, and smaller than normal earpiece. Any kind of brand of cards are able to be marked with barcode and have generally excellent impact.

IR marked cards

They are not quite the same as UV marked poker cards and barcode marked deck of cards, they are marked with various invisible ink. Marked cards can’t be perceived by invisible ink glasses and invisible ink contact lenses, likewise can’t be seen by poker scanner, which just can be seen by Spy camera.

There are numerous brands of invisible ink marked cards for you to look over: Copag, Fournier, Modiano, Bicycle, Aviator, Bee, Kem, Lion, Dal Negro, Royal, Bonus and so on. According to the distinctive poker games, you can pick various sorts, and the marked cards and invisible ink contact lenses are the most straightforward products. The marked decks with barcode working with poker analyzeruse to beappropriate for the players who play a few diverse poker games. If you use to own your place for playing poker games, the IR marked cards with infrared camera use to be extremely safe for you to utilize.

Furthermore, If you need any extraordinary prerequisite or need to tweak the one of a kind invisible marks, simply tell marked cards store, they can do as your necessity to modify marks.

Luminous marked cards

It is one of the exceptional invisible ink cards. The marks printed on them are luminescent, in light of this explanation, there are numerous customers who incline toward the luminous ink poker cards than different kinds.

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