5 Unusual Uses of Dumpsters

People usually think about roll-off dumpster rental in port st lucie when they see the large, rolling units behind their favorite stores or apartment complexes. However, if you watch home renovation shows on TV, you may have seen the larger dumpsters delivered to work sites by semi-trucks. The dumpsters are picked up later once they are filled with debris from construction. Even though these uses may seem weird, dumpsters have other purposes too.

Tiny Houses

More and more people in America are choosing to live in tiny homes. Even though these homes are small, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have everything you need. In fact, there are many ways to make a tiny home comfortable and livable. If you’re interested in minimalist living, then a dumpster could be a great alternative for you.

Art Galleries

You can be surprised to know that you can turn a roll-off dumpster into an art gallery. One artist in Brooklyn changed a roll-off dumpster into an art display filled with normal objects in a beautiful way. This ambulatory art concept could work with many different types of exhibits, like contemporary or eclectic art displays. This makes it easy and simple to take art on the road.

Skate Parks

Many communities have responded to the growing popularity of skateboarding by building public skate parks. If your community doesn’t have one, you might want to consider building your own. One skateboard fanatic did this by using a portable dumpster as the foundation for his skatepark. This is a clever idea because you can take the skatepark with you to your friends when they cannot come to you.

High Quality Garden

As the popularity of urban gardening grows, more and more cities will eventually run out of places to grow plants. This is where a rolling dumpster can come in handy. Fill your dumpster with soil, plants, and water and wait for your yield. Some people have even built seating into their dumpster gardens so that they can sit and enjoy the plants. This makes it easy for someone to harvest their vegetables without having to get down on their hands and knees or do too much bending.

Can be used as Swimming Pools

Dumpsters can be turned into swimming pools. This is a real thing that has been done before. For example, a company in New York did this and set up many pools in the city during a hot summer. The next year, the Mayor of New York ordered more of these pools to be set up across the city. If you want to do this yourself, you can easily find instructions on how to do it by doing a Google search.

There are many other fun and unique ways to turn a dumpster into something new. Contact us today for more information about roll off dumpster rental in south shore ma.  

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