Trade with EZDSK platform and get great hikes in your account

Several cryptocurrency brokers are giving access to various crypto coins based on your preference. As the cryptocurrency market is quiet in its origin, some brokers have performed beyond to give clients with robust tools for planning and analysis. But, EZDSK wants to separate that mould by giving modern tools to examine different digital money, along with the capacity to buy over a dozen different currencies on the same platform. Additionally, it’s completely commission-free and the least trade size is $10.

EZDSK clients have passage to the latest cryptocurrency data and charting tools that can be utilised right on their smartphone app. Utilize the charting tools to adjust time frames from hours to months and analyses multiple cryptocurrencies side by side on the alike chart. Use conventional lines or candlesticks to completely understand trends while maintaining tabs on real-time data update from commercial news outlets.

Commissions & fees in EZDSK:

EZDSK uses its size to give traders with competitive pricing all over the board, apart from the stock you trade and excel for its powerful trader pricing accessible by its Forex accounts.

Standard spreads: For mini and regular size contracts, least spreads on the USD/EUR were 0.6 pips, and normal spreads were 0.73 pips.

Active traders: For bulk traders who pass as professionals under EU laws, EZDSK has even more competitive prices on its commission-based contribution, Forex Direct. It is offered on EZDSK’s L2 Dealer program, needs only a £1,000 minimum, and utilizes a tiered pricing range based on the trader’s last month’s trading size.

Execution method: Forex Direct flows from interbank liquidity providers where EZDSK acts as a business broker and doesn’t combine on any extra spread. Instead, they add a fee to each trade you do alike to any other agency execution and other agents with commission-based pricing. You can get several benefits from them if you choose them for your trade.






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